This course is a comprehensive hands-on introduction to object oriented programming in C++ for C programmers. Emphasis is placed on the features of C++ that support effective modelling of the problem domain and reuse of code. It covers the fundamentals of the C++ programming language and shows how to program using object-oriented principles. It is fully hands-on, and students gain experience in designing simple but powerful object-oriented applications and in writing code using the C++ language. Topics covered include C++ language features, key standard library objects overview, and OOP features: classes, objects, abstraction, interfaces, constructors/destructors, overloading, inheritance, polymorphism and templates.This course is intended for students who have some prior programming experience in ‘C’ programming language. At the end of the course candidate will avail the certificate of course completion.

Learning Objective:

  • Candidate will be able to write C++ programs using a combination of built-in and user-defined types.
  • How to abstract a problem in an object-oriented style
  • Object oriented programming, basics to advanced level, using C++
  • How to use the Standard Template Library (STL)

Key Features:

  • Industry Endorsed – Cutting-edge curriculum designed and delivered in collaboration with leading Industries experts.
  • Case Study Based – Get hands-on with industry projects across domains and build a portfolio of demonstrable work.
  • Blended Learning – Classroom training supplemented by practical session and industry projects/ internship.
  • Placement Assurance – Get placed at leading firms with interview prep and opportunities.

Minimum Eligibility Criteria:

BE/B Tech/MSc (IT/ computer Science / Electronics), MCA,BCA or equivalent of any of these. Degree holders with PGDCA,DOEACC A, B level, Diploma Computer Science, Electronics, or others with relevant experience and final year students also may apply.

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